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China Express Movers | Recocation in China

Why move with CEMovers?

CEmovers have the best packers and top quality packing material and good leadership, safe delivery , professional packing and transportation service.

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京津冀海关10月通关一体化 可实 ...

admin - 7 Day ago 19:31

About China Express Movers

Since its Inception in 2006, CEMovers has developed quickly with Beijing city, service including : local move in beijing , domestic move to brother cities of china and international logistics transportation service. it has long distance trucks and mini vans meet your different demanding Customers...

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CEMovers Company Assurance

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Our Services

CEMovers offer Local Move in Beijing and domestic Relocation Service from Beijing to any city of China; International Move from Beijing to HongKong...Helping business and people relocate safely and smoothly.Contact us ? Mobile : 13717772317, Wechat : beijingmover

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China Express Beijing Movers | ...

admin - 12-1-2023 15:29

Customer Care

Packing and transportation is very important part of moving. so our professional packers will handle your belongings with care and ensure it will arrive at your new home safely. How about your comments on CEMovers in Beijing? Want to find one quality mover in China ? Call us : 010-56283376

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What is residential moving?

admin - 12-12-2022 12:15

Survey Booking Form and Quotation

Want to book a moving survey at your home , please fill in our online survey booking form and mail to us so that we can arrange it in advance.

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Moving Survey Form

admin - 12-12-2022 12:14

Acceptance Letter

If our quotation is reasonable and acceptable then please fill in below acceptance letter and mail it to us at : , we will arrange your removal service at your agreed date and time.

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Acceptance Letter

admin - 12-12-2022 12:14

Contact (Today: 2)

So far we are in south bridge , shibaldian , chaoyang . Maybe one year later , we will have our own office and we will immigrate to tongzhou logistic base

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北京中捷货运代理有限公司 ...

admin - 15 Hour(s) ago

Moving & Relocation Business Worldwide

Local Move Service in Beijing

Local Move is my main strength. we can offer deliverying carton boxes forehand, need us packing your belongs? no problem , decide to use our service? the low rates and also good service will be the best reason for us!

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Jinbei Van Moving Service in B ...

admin - 9-12-2022 15:32

Domestic Move Service from Beijing to Other Cities

We have many City Express Vehicles for diffrent cities every day in Beijing. Our Service including : Packing and moving from Beijing to Shanghai and Guangzhou, took 2-5 days arrive in new destinations. Move quotation ? Call: 010-56283376 or 13717772317

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Quanshun Vehcle Move , High To ...

admin - 9-12-2022 15:32

Office Moving Service in Beijing

Office Move whatever how big size , from one person to hundreds of people office, Beijing Movers can help you move smoothly...

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Office Move in Beijing ?

admin - 27-3-2022 15:46

Storage for HHGS and Office Equipment

We have our own warehouses in Beijing, offering long or short-term storage service. If your belongings need store , Please contact us by wechat.

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Packing and Transportaton and ...

admin - 27-3-2022 15:46

Long Distance Transportation In China

Long Distance Transportation and Logistics Service from Beijing to Shanghai , Guangzhou , Dalian , Ningxia.....

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How to transport your goods do ...

admin - 3-8-2021 16:38

Packing Facility and Packing Service

Want to protect your belongings more safe ? it is vital for choosing one packing company to do that...
China Express Movers always your right choice !

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Packing boxes | Tapes | Bubble ...

admin - 31-12-2021 10:14

International Move

Internaitonal Movers from Beijing to Hongkong , Singapore , Taiwan? USA ?

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International Moving from Beij ...

admin - 28-2-2021 09:19

China- Hongkong Transportation Daily

Sino-HK Logistic Express Transportation Service from Beijing to Hongkong. China Express offer household effects shipping service. it took about 5-7 day arrive in hongkong since the day we packing and pick up your belongings and you entrust your belongings to us in beijing. competitive price and good reputation is the reason why choose CEMovers! Why your friends recommend us to you! because our devotion and profession...what's more, the price is main factor..

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Moving Company from Beijing to ...

admin - 22-12-2022 13:51

Customs Regulations

China Customs Regulations

Custom Clearance and all kinds of Custom Application forms...

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China Custom Regulations

admin - 21-5-2019 16:56

Overseas Customs Regulations

Here you can find some of the customs regulations.
CEMovers collected these information, but without guarantee for short notice alterations - for your use.
For not listed countries we are glad inform you on request.

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Export to Australia ? Aquarant ...

admin - 3-8-2021 16:55

Container and Liftvan


CEMovers offer Container Shipping from Beijing to Any China City...

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China Express | International ...

admin - 13-11-2022 09:59


Making wooden Liftvan or Wooden Frame or Wooden Crates for protecting your belongings ...

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Beijing Relocation | Local mov ...

admin - 31-12-2021 10:16

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