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Household Goods Moving FAQ

When shall I call movers for quotation on my move? And how many quotations shall I ask for?

Your will need to plan it at least 6-8 weeks before your move.

2 or 3 quotations are enough.

How do I select the right mover for my move?

◆ Collect movers’ information from different resources, e.g. from HR dept.of your company, from your friends and colleagues, from ADs.
◆ Call them to get initial impression of the mover and their
◆ Select the top 2 or 3 movers who you feel comfortable from your initial
calling, invite them to come to your home for premove survey and quotation.
◆ Compare specification and price among the proposals, select the one who is good at both expertise and competitive rate
◆ Make sure the one you select has their own facilities & operational
teams for packing (not subcontract to others)
◆ Visit their facilities if you have storage needs

What can increase the final charge of my move?
Additional charges will be occurred for the following issues:
◆ Insurance cost, it will be charged based on a % of total declared value
◆ Relic inspection fee collected by China Relic Bureau
◆ You add big furniture or items after survey which cause to significantly
increase on volume of your shipment. Please inform BeijingMover when this happen.
Quotation will be revised according to the re-estimations.
◆ Your shipment is delivered into a building without elevator and need to be delivery via stairs.
◆ Access to your residence is not allowed container to park to your front
door, which will need small van to do shuttle or long way to carry by hand.
◆ Destination customs choose to X-ray or physically inspect your goods
(especially to move to US after ‘9.11’), you will have to pay for the
inspection fee at cost
◆ Destination duty/taxes, quarantine/fumigation charge, or charge
collected by destination government
◆ Destination storage/demurrage charge during to invalid customs
◆ More than one time or one address delivery
◆ Holiday work

What are my responsibilities?
◆ Give the same brief to all movers coming for survey
◆ Separate goods to move/stay, by sea/air
◆ Separate and well-keep for cash, jewelry and valuables
◆ Get old items (antique furniture/porcelain etc…) inspected by relic
bureau before packing them
◆ Do not pack any prohibited items
◆ Be present during the packing days
◆ Check rooms carefully before packing teams leave to make sure all
goods to move are packed
◆ Check package quantities and sign on packing inventory list
◆ Give detailed information of your destination contact to mover
◆ Give clear instruction for time frame of delivery schedules before you leave the country

◆ Contact your destination mover immediately upon your arrival to build up connection and prepare necessary customs paperwork

What is ‘prohibited’ items?
Generally flammable items, propane tanks, liquid detergents, aerosol cans and perishable food or any similar items that may cause damage to your shipment definitely should NOT go. Besides, many countries has strict restrictions on drugs, alcohol, weapons, ammunition and porn materials. Check with KMI moving specialist for destination customs regulations.

Can I pack goods by myself?

Yes, you can.BeijignMover is happy to deliver boxes and packing materials for you to pack some of your personal belongs by yourself. Please refer to our  survey request form before you start to pack by yourself.

Can I ship my cars?

Certainly. Please contact our moving specialists or refer to BeijingMover's Car Shipping for more information.

Can I ship my pets?

Surely you can. Pets shipping do need a well plan. Please contact  BeijingMovers' moving specialists or refer to Pet Shipping  for more information.

How about to insure my goods during its door to door transit?

To get a full ‘All-Risk’ insurance is vital important for your treasure possessions. Please refer to BeijingMover's Insurance Coverage for more information.

When do I need to book the packing date?
At least 2-3 weeks before packing. However please be as early as possible,
especially in the peak moving season (May to Oct.) or before public holidays.
Jobs schedules for the movers during that period will be very tight. The
earlier you confirm the easier to select your preferable dates for packing, and the easier for you to arrange your own schedule for other issue relative tomoving.
For short notice moves, please contact KMI directly and we will do everything we can to accommodate your needs.

Hong long will the packing take?
It depends on the volume of your shipment. Generally a 20’ container
shipment will take 2 days and a 40’ container take 3-4 days with four packers.
However, we have the flexibility to adjust it according to your specific needs.

How long I can expect to receive my goods in destination?
Generally, for air shipment please allow upto 14 days for door to door. For
sea shipment it depends where you are going but a reasonable estimate is
China-USA –4/6 weeks, China-Europe – 6/7 weeks, China-Asia – 3/4 weeks,China-Australia – 5/6 weeks. BeijingMover will provide the time frame in quotation.

Do I need an overseas address before shipping my goods?
It is not necessary for you to have an actual delivery address before
shipping your goods. Clearly, you should know which city you are moving to.
However, you will need to have a time frame of house readiness before you instruct beijingmover to ship out your goods.

Do I need a visa for overseas residence?

If you are returning resident of the country you are moving to, you are of
course permitted to import your household goods. However, some countries (e.g.France) require for an approval of ‘change of residence’ when you bring back your shipment. If you are going to work in country of destination, a work permit is normally required. Please take in consideration when you schedule
the time to ship your goods.

Can I store my goods at your warehouse?
Surely you can. beijingmover has its own storage facilities with 24/7 security. BeijingMover will be happy to offer a FREE storage period, after the free period storage charge will be based on volume of your shipment.
Alternatively BeijingMover can arrange for store your goods overseas. However, it will be much expensive than if you goods in our warehouse and you will also have to pay a duplicate handling charge etc…
Contact Us moving specialist for your storage needs.

What happen when my goods arrives in destination?

Please contact beijingmover destination agent immediately upon your arrival to setup connection. With sufficient customs paperwork beijingmover destination agent will clear shipment through customs and arrange delivery to your new home. Make sure you be present upon delivery to check goods quantities and conditions.

What if damages found upon delivery or after unpacking in destination?
Insurance company allows 45 days to report a claim. However, it’s advisable to check all packages condition as early as possible and report to beijingmover asap if any exception is noted. Please refer to our Insurance to follow the process of a claim.

When do I pay?
If you pay by yourself, you will need to pay in full before dispatch of your
shipment. If your local company pay, payment can extend for a period after

Is there any Common Error that I can prevent myself from?

Yes. You can prevent yourself from the followings:

r Waiting too long to sell unwanted items, thereby adding more to the size,
weight, and cost of the shipment
r Not carefully checking competitive bids to be sure that volume, services,
and the expenses covered are comparable. For example, beijingmover includes THC (Terminal Handling Charges at both origin and destination) while most companies do not.
r Moving with inexperienced mover, or allow the mover to sub-contract packing to vendors.
r ‘Saving money’ by not insuring or underinsuring effects
r Shipping without first checking customs regulations.
r Expecting ocean carriers to be on time. (They are sometimes about several days delayed from published schedules especially for long distance transit e.g. from China to European/USA)
r Failing to get in touch immediately upon arrival with your mover to advise
your whereabouts and contact information.
r Expired passport or incomplete documentation.
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