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What is residential moving?

CEMovers, and its partner for Domestic moving Service , CEMovers World Wide Moving, make up the perfect team to help you relocate your home, and your life. Whether you’re moving across the street or across the country, China Express have you covered. Based in Beijing ,CEmovers has developed a specialized approach to moving customers into and out of their China homes and into their new lives.

What is residential moving? Here’s how we look at it:

Moving from one home to another – One that you’re selling to one that you’re buying elsewhere
Moving from an apartment to a house
Moving from one apartment to another apartment
Moving companies put residential moves into some broader categories

Local moves – Generally, moves that are 20  Kilometers or less, within Beijing, are considered local moves. We can offer Local Move Catons and Packing materials and Truck service for our Clients. Local Move is very easy. Furniture can be wraped by our packer using the blankets or bubble pad....

Domestic moves – Generally, Deomstic moves are those greater than 150 kilomers  within China. we can help you move from beijing to shanghai , tianjin , Dalian , Shenuang , Guangzhou , Fujian , Hangzhou , Shenzhen , Yunnan , Sicuan , Wuhan and other cities of China. Normally our packers will pack all your household effects and then tranport to your appointed one destination address. the cost is defferent according to deifferent cities of china and whether need stair handling or whether has elevator or cargo lift...
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